Automatic Gearboxes


Automatic Gearbox repair and service

We can supply and fit reconditioned automatic gearboxes at our fully equipped workshop for a competitive price.

Auto Transmission oil change

Automatic transmission oil and filter change service is available. This procedure involves draining oil, removing sump, removing and replacing the old filter. This service can be carried out in the same day once booked in.

External oil Coolers

Over 14 million transmissions fail every year, due to overheating. Every 20° drop in operating temperature can double oil and equipment life. Use a Transmission Oil Cooler if you:

• Tow boats, trailers or fifth wheels
• Drive in stop-and-go traffic
• Climb steep grades
• Drive in hot weather
• Protect your investment with our Transmission Oil Cooler and SAVE on costly repairs

We can supply these units individually as a kit for you to fit or we can offer a fitting service. Contact us for more info on all the above services we offer.

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Recovery and Delivery

We appreciate the hassle and stress a vehicle breakdown can cause, so that is why Mister Gearbox offers a full vehicle recovery and delivery service if required, leaving you to get back on with you day-to-day tasks.

Recovery Response Time

In most cases we are able to offer a same day recovery service, however this is subject to availability and location of the vehicle.

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